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General info about SHM tools, its properties, applications and storage

             Grinding wheels of SHM (superhard materials) are wheels the cutting basis of which is SHM grains. SHM grains are fixed on the wheel body with the help of a bond that joints the grains into a single whole, gives a shape, provides reliable grain retention under the influence of cutting forces. The SHM includes the two hardest abrasive materials: diamond, both synthetic and natural and cubic boron nitride (CBN).

Wheels made of diamond powders are used in the engineering, mainly in tools production for grinding and sharpening tungsten carbide cutting tools, as well as for grinding tungsten carbide punches, moulds, dies, mold parts, forming rolls, calibers. Diamond wheels provide the highest performance and quality while grinding and cutting parts made of technical ceramics, hard and crisp magnetic materials, glass, including quartz, optical and automotive; crystal glass; precious and semiprecious stones; marble; granite; refractories for the processing of building materials (concrete, building ceramics) etc. It is used for sharpening cutting inserts made of composites based on cubic boron nitride, PCBN and PCD diamond.

CBN grinding wheels are used for grinding of precision parts made of various steels: roller-bearing, die, chisel, complex alloyed, containing tungsten, vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt, nitrated and cemented with a hardness HRC 55 ... 65, as well as hardened and chilled cast irons.

CBN grinding wheels are used in production of such branches of engineering as automotive, bearing, aviation, machine building, etc.



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