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  • PJSC “POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS” offers 3 product lines of diamond tools for the machine-building, tool and woodworking industries:

    - STANDARD - our main line, diamond and CBN wheels with an excellent price-quality ratio for enterprises requiring long life, high productivity tools and a high quality surface finish.              Catalog STANDARD.pdf          

    - BASIS - our budget product line, designed for customers for whom tool life is less important and who are looking to minimize cash outlays.                                                                                     Brochure BASIS.pdf 

    - PREMIUM - diamond and CBN wheels with newly-developed bonds, designed to replace imported high-performance tools made by leading world manufacturers.                                                PREMIUM_2018.pdf

  • Diamond cutting wheels for use on concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, marble, ceramics and other materials                                                                                                                                    BBUILDING_PDT_S&C.pdf;
  • Diamond mounted points;
  • Diamond hones;
  • Diamond wheels for processing glass, crystal, and optical lenses;
  • Diamond dressing sticks;
  • Superabrasive boron nitride cutters;
  • Resin-bond CBN wheels 
  • Diamond cutters;
  • PCD wire-drawing dies;
  • Diamond pastes for polishing metals, alloys, and non-metal materials;
  • Electroplated diamond tools (drills, files, lapping tools, mounted points, needles).




Metalex 2018, november 21-24, Bangkok, Thailand

POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS started manufacturing of professional diamond tools for stone processing and construction.

Tech Industry 2018 Fair is taking place in Riga, Latvia
From November 29th to December 1st, 2018 a specialized Tech Industry 2018 Fair is taking place in Riga, Latvia at Internationa

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