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  • PJSC “POLTAVA DIAMOND TOOLS” offers 3 product lines of diamond tools for the machine-building, tool and woodworking industries:

    - STANDARD - our main line, diamond and CBN wheels with an excellent price-quality ratio for enterprises requiring long life, high productivity tools and a high quality surface finish.              Catalog STANDARD.pdf          

    - BASIS - our budget product line, designed for customers for whom tool life is less important and who are looking to minimize cash outlays.                                                                                                 Brochure BASIS.pdf 

    - PREMIUM - diamond and CBN wheels with newly-developed bonds, designed to replace imported high-performance tools made by leading world manufacturers.                                                     Catalog PREMIUM.pdf 

  • Diamond cutting wheels for use on concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, marble, ceramics and other materials;
  • Diamond mounted points;
  • Diamond hones;
  • Diamond wheels for processing glass, crystal, and optical lenses;
  • Diamond dressing sticks;
  • Superabrasive boron nitride cutters;
  • Resin-bond CBN wheels 
  • Diamond cutters;
  • PCD wire-drawing dies;
  • Diamond pastes for polishing metals, alloys, and non-metal materials;
  • Electroplated diamond tools (drills, files, lapping tools, mounted points, needles).




13th wood and technology international fair FITECMA 2017, Buenos-Aires, Argentina

Dear Sirs, We invite you to visit our stand at the METALLOOBRABOTKA. MINSK 2017, which will be held from 4 to 7 April

SIMM 2017, Shenzhen, China
Dear Sirs, We invite you to visit our stand at the International Fair SIMM 2017, which will be held from March 29 to April 1 20

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